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Quote1.png This is suicide. Moonstone. Iron Patriot. The U-Foes. The Sentry. And me, a gymnast who throws fake diamonds. But if there's a chance of stopping this, we'll need Thor. Our side -- the real Avengers -- we need someone to make sure they don't -- Oh my god. They're killing him. ... If I help Thor they'll kill me. And I'm not sure anything I have can even hurt anyone here. Would it even buy him a second? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Seize the Day"

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Synopsis for "Seize the Day"

Taskmaster remembers his life, in which his photographic reflexes allowed him to rise and bring him to the position he is now: head of the Initiative.

In the present, the Helicarrier, packed with various Initiative teams, is en route to Asgard, where they would be laying siege to Thor's homeland. Constrictor is more shocked that they are doing this, believing that it is suicide. However, the Women Warriors are very optimistic over winning. Constrictor pulls Diamondback aside to talk about her safety in the upcoming battle. Diamondback assures him that she doesn't need protection, given that Captain America himself trained her. Though she can't contact the Avengers Resistance, they may need her before this turns into a bloodbath that would wipe out Oklahoma. Taskmaster then pulls him aside to convince him that taking down Asgard will raise their reputations.

When H.A.M.M.E.R. does lay siege to Asgard, it turns into a bloodbath. Mortals and gods are wounded or killed.

At the Resistance's HQ, Night Thrasher goes to inform his team about what the payoffs to the U-Foes were for. However, TV has a self-explanatory answer: the U-Foes destroyed Soldier Field while attacking Volstagg. The U-Foes claim that they were professional handling their powers and that Volstagg's sword must have amplified their blasts. However, Justice can deduce what's really going on: Osborn staged his own Stamford, to give the justification for him to attack Asgard. Refusing to let their friend go down, the Resistance contacts the New and Mighty Avengers. Moreover, Justice tells Night Thrasher to e-mail the evidence of the U-Foes' payoffs to the entire country. Night Thrasher points out that Osborn would simply make an excuse for this. Therefore, Justice declares that they will take down Camp H.A.M.M.E.R. to expose Osborn for what he is.

Back in Asgard, Thor arrives. Diamondback goes to help him, only to arrive and see the Dark Avengers and the U-Foes take down Thor.

Solicit Synopsis

After Civil War, the members of the Initiative were recruited with promises of glory... fame... wealth...redemption. But all things come with a price — and now it's time to pay in blood as the entire Initiative find themselves fighting for their lives in an all-out war against Thor and the Asgardians! With the Dark Avengers as their allies and immortal gods as their enemies, the most brutal event in Marvel history is about to ignite, and these Avengers are caught in the middle! And for some, this will be their final stand.

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