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*** {{a|[[Walter Newell (Earth-616)|Stingray]]}} {{g|Joins from trainees to staff}}
*** {{a|[[Walter Newell (Earth-616)|Stingray]]}} {{g|Joins from trainees to staff}}
** Trainees
** Trainees
*** {{a|[[Dorrek VIII (Earth-721)|Earth-721 Hulkling]]}}
*** {{a|[[Theodore Altman (Earth-721)|Earth-721 Hulkling]]}}
*** {{a|[[Isaac Christians (Earth-616)|Gargoyle]]}}
*** {{a|[[Isaac Christians (Earth-616)|Gargoyle]]}}
*** {{a|[[Elvin Haliday (Earth-616)|Rage]]}}
*** {{a|[[Elvin Haliday (Earth-616)|Rage]]}}

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Appearing in "Bug Hunt"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "Bug Hunt"

As the Initiative heroes head home, Hardball, speaking to Komodo in a plane, notices that Justice is eying Cloud 9. But when he turns his head, he sees Komodo's human form. She wakes up and panics, changing back to her powered form and demanded what did he see. Hardball defends himself with an energy shield, denying doing so. Gauntlet and Yellowjacket rush in and stop her.

At Camp Hammond, Daniella Moonstar introduces herself to Trauma, offering to help him control his fear-based powers. However, Trauma is more over desiring to have his powers removed. Beast tries to explain that he has a gift. Trauma reacts by transforming into his human form, scaring Beast with the thought that he'll never be human again. Moonstar attempts to intervene, so he transforms into the Demon Bear. However, Moonstar demonstrates that she conquered her fear a long time ago and subdues him. Trauma returns to human form and reluctant accepts her help.

Some time later, the Gauntlet has the Initiative recruits consisting of Cloud 9, Komodo, Hardball, Rage and Slapstick lined up for training. Komodo is taught by Hellcat on CPR; Black Widow shows Cloud 9 sniping; Stingray demonstrates to Hardball how to keep a person alive while adrift at sea. Eventually, the recruits get to spar against Thing. Watching this is Dr. Curt Connors and Yellowjacket. Apparently, as explained by Connors, Komodo is a student of his who stole his Lizard formula and perfected it for herself. Yellowjacket calls her aside for a special briefing. He and War Machine explain to her that the Initiative had created a miniature version of the inhibitor collar that prevents use of superpowers in certain individuals called Super-Power-Inhibiting Nanobots, S.P.I.N. for short. They have managed to use it against She-Hulk for insubordination. Now, they plan to use it on someone else.

In New York, Spider-Man is tackling against the Shocker, Boomerang and Hydro-Man of the Sinister Syndicate. Unknown to all combatants, a cloaked being is viewing this from afar and reporting to War Machine. The latter orders the cloaked being not to engage, not without setting off Spidey's spider-sense. Already, he and Komodo are on their way, armed with S.P.I.N. Tech darts that are meant only for Spider-Man.

Hardball walks into a bar in Stamford. However, he is met with hostility from the patrons, before a man who was tailing him calmed things down. He reveals to Roger that he knows everything about him. He subtly asks Hardball what does he know about S.P.I.N. Tech

Back in Manhattan, attack Spidey, scaring off the villains, who turn tail and run. Spider-Man tries remind him that he's one of the good guys; Komodo corrects him; he's an unlicensed vigilante who they are taking down. However, Spidey snags her hover vehicle and knocks it against War Machine, pointing out that he was the poster boy for for licensed heroes and that turned into a disaster. He also cites that the Syndicate are getting; War Machine assures him that they have the situation under control; already, three individuals wearing his Iron Spider Armor have captured them. But now they will use the darts to take away his powers permanently. Komodo pins him down, but with a bit of dumb luck, his webbing blocks War Machine's cannons, just as he was about to fire, causing him to shut down with the countless nanites sent into his systems. Komodo brings out her own dart, ready to prick his skin. Spidey claims that she already lost, simply because he's him, who took on Doc Ock, Venom and Sandman many times. Already, he could tell that she's a "dollar-store" version of the Lizard. Once he gets away, the Initiative will no doubtedly depower her too. This causes Komodo to hesitate, giving Spidey the opening to fire webbing at her face, enabling him to escape. Komodo starts crying, telling War Machine not to turn her back to normal, for her human self is a nobody.


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