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Quote1.png The last thing we need is for this to spill out and become some kind of 'Hulk World War.' Quote2.png
"Yellowjacket (Henry Pym)"

Appearing in "The Shadow Initiative: Secret Weapons"

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Synopsis for "The Shadow Initiative: Secret Weapons"

At Camp Hammond's Firing Range, Henry Gyrich is trying and failing to find a soldier that can operate the Tactigon, an Omega Class weapon. Determined to have his "big gun," Gyrich turns to Trauma, the Initiative's most powerful recruit, who is classified an Omega Level Threat. Danielle Moonstar objects, arguing that his abilities would be put to much better use helping people overcome their fears. Gyrich is also shown recruiting Bengal, Constrictor, Mutant Zero and the Scarlet Spiders as the Shadow Initiative.

Gyrich explains their mission: retrieve the six Initiative cadets that broke ranks and were captured by the Hulk before their capture becomes public knowledge. Gyrich is worried the public's reaction, as this is exactly the type of scenario the Initiative was supposed to prevent. He also makes it clear to his covert team that they only have time to retrieve the Initiative members, all other heroes must be left behind.

As the more senior members of the Avengers form a perimeter around Manhattan, the Shadow Initiative infiltrate the Hulk's base at Madison Square Gardens. It is revealed that the mysterious Mutant Zero can only be "activated" once per mission. They reached the captive cadets, only to be confronted by Korg. Trauma transforms into Thor and subdues him. Cloud 9 suffocates Elloe Kaifi with her gas, disappointing Trauma that she would use such a potentially lethal tactic. Trauma confronts the Hulk while the others escape. However, Trauma is unable to find anything the Hulk is truly scared of. The Hulk lets him live, in order to send the message: he's not afraid of anything.

After the battle, in Camp Hammond's infirmary, Trauma tells Cloud 9 that she's scared of what she's becoming and he can help. Gyrich is disappointed in Trauma's failure to stop the Hulk and downgrades his rating from Omega Level to Class 50. Moonstar however, is pleased to see him using his power for someone else's benefit.



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