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Appearing in "Persons of Interest"

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Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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  • Connecticut
    • Stamford
      • Camp Hammond
        • Base Housing (First appearance)
          • Home to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph "The Gauntlet" Green (First appearance)
          • The Brig (First appearance)
          • Press Corps (First appearance)
          • Interrogation Room 2 (First appearance)
          • The Gymnasium (First appearance)
          • Interrogation Room 3 (First appearance)
          • Capekiller Locker Room (First appearance)
          • Pym's Lab
  • Manhattan, New York City, New York (Mentioned)
  • Crawford, Texas (Mentioned)




Synopsis for "Persons of Interest"

Gauntlet is pushing the Initiative recruits hard, going so far as to insult the former members of the New Warriors for their team's sin of the Stamford incident. Later, after he had breakfast with his family, Gauntlet is suddenly attacked by someone. He is then found by Yellowjacket and Tigra, with "NW" smeared in blood over his shirt. Immediately, the New Warriors are detained.

Meanwhile, Secretary Gyrich is making a public statement regarding the aftereffects of the Hulk's attack on Manhattan. A female reporter then asks him questions regarding the young recruits and the base's lockdown; Gyrich answers that they have the licensed Avengers to train them but refuses to comment on the latter. As he walks away, he tells the two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to get a profile on the reporter. However, the agents correct him that they are actually here to investigate what happened to the Gauntlet. They first question the family as to who might wish him harm; she ask if they mean the trainees, whom he treated like soldiers.

First, they question Rage, who denies attacking his trainer. They remind him that three days ago, he grew angry at Gauntlet for insulting the New Warriors. Gauntlet then carried him away from the other cadets to tell Rage that he is not ready to have a superhero license due to him being quick to anger and for insubordination. He was even considering taking away his powers until he's a legal adult. The agents then put a guilt trip by playing out a scenario that Rage used his fists to pound Gauntlet. However, Baron von Blitzschlag turns up, stating that the Gauntlet was hit by some sort of large, round and smooth weapon.

Meanwhile, in the gym, Cloud 9 tries to tell Komodo and Hardball about MVP being alive at his house. Hardball also states that he saw the body. But then, Yellowjacket pops out of nowhere, reminding them of their pact to keep quiet about the incident and that he never wants them to say MVP's name again.

Next, the agents question Justice, just after he kissed Ultra Girl. He admits that he had an argument with Gauntlet, though he is under orders to keep the full details classified. In the flashback, he is asking Gauntlet over whether MVP is alive or not. He then realized that MVP was killed in a training session. Things so escalated to violence, to which Justice swore to kill him for it, only for both of them to be restrained by others. However, Justice explains that if he did do it, then he would've used something heavy for attempted murder before covering his tracks with a cloud of dust. The agents then check the grounds, finding nothing, until they uncover a discarded Capekiller armor which was missing from their inventory, with an electromagnetic signature on it. Nearby, Hardball texts his Hydra contact as to what to do; he is advised to sidetrack the agents. They soon trace the EM signature to their locker, with a note stating to check Doctor Pym's lab. But before they could burst in, Mrs. Green informs them that Gyrich is planning on using a stimulant to awaken her husband, with the risk of him falling into a coma. Nonetheless, Gauntlet wakes up, stating that his attacker was probably Iron Man's enemy the Ghost and is undoubtedly gone by now, before passing out. As the agents leave, they wonder who was really responsible for the attack. Unknown to everyone else, it is revealed that Slapstick had attacked Gauntlet for making fun of his fallen comrades.



  • First issue without Stefano Caselli as the artist.
  • First issue of the series without an event-style banner (first three fell under the post-Civil War "Initiative." The fourth and fifth issue were part of the World War Hulk event.).

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