Quote1.png Shut up!! I hear one more word outta you, old man, and I'll tell everyone your "perfect record's" a load of crap! You think you're the only one who can hold people's mistakes over them? Well, think again! You got skeletons in your closet too. And one of 'em's a killer. Quote2.png
-- Hardball

Appearing in "Killed in Action (Part 1): Snafu"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dragon Man (Only in flashback)
  • K.I.A. Next Appearance of K.I.A. {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||First appearance}} {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Main story and flashback}}
  • Red Skull (Mentioned)
  • Hydra (Mentioned)
  • Zodiac (Mentioned)

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Synopsis for "Killed in Action (Part 1): Snafu"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Henry Pym is revealed to have come up with the 50-State Initiative idea.
  • {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|appearances| | | }}'s last appearance was likely Giant-Size Avengers #1, where she was captured by the Wasp, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel alongside her B.A.D. Girls teammates.


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