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Quote1.png Such bluster. How very typical. Ever the sheltered son. So many fractured delusions. You know nothing of war. For all these countless millennia -- when it comes to the two of us -- you seem to have avoided the simplest of conclusions. Instead, you feel the incessant need to avenge every wrong you perceive from your position of languid if it were some sort of game. Quite sad. But if it's a war you truly desire, Thor -- then Loki can happily provide. Quote2.png

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It's all-out action in the mighty Marvel manner! The hunt for the Hulk is on! And when Iron Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp actually find him -- all hell breaks loose! Meanwhile, an eternal war between half-brother gods erupts in Asgard! You call yourself a Marvel fan -- then don't dare miss this one!


  • Perhaps the largest deviation in this story is that in the orginal story, Thor defeats the Troll with lightning. In this story, he slays the Troll by bludgeoning him in the head with his hammer.

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