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Quote1.png Wolverine and I have a long history-- longer than he knows. Of all the X-Men he is the one who won't hesitate to kill. And that's where we're alike. Spider-Man, on the other hand, is more of an anomaly, acting like this is all one big joke----it's hard to believe his legacy will someday be that he was the greatest hero of all. But not today. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Sundown"

While Cable is distracted fighting Spider-Man and Wolverine, Hope (guided by Blaquesmith) manages to free the captured Avengers, while the Red Hulk burns the techno-organic virus out of his body. Cable succumbs to the combined efforts of the Avengers and his own infection of the techno-organic virus, and is brought to Utopia. Blaquesmith tells Hope that she can still save Cable by absorbing the techno-organic virus with the Phoenix Force. Once fully healed, Cable informs Cyclops that Hope is indeed the Phoenix, and that he needs his help to protect her when war comes with the Avengers.

Solicit Synopsis

• As The Final Hours Tick Down, Cable Must Take Down A Berzerker Wolverine And A Wisecrackin' Web-Head To Ensure A Deadly Future Does Not Come To Pass!
•Sets The Stage For Avengers Vs. X-Men!

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