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Quote1 Accept my resignation as an Avenger and forget I was ever your figurehead. Looks like by "unity" you meant we follow your way, we do as you say. That's not unity, Steve-- That's tyranny. I thought you of all people would know the difference. But I can see now-- Scott was right about you. Quote2

Appearing in "The Red Supremacy: Chapter 3 - Good News for Bad People"

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Synopsis for "The Red Supremacy: Chapter 3 - Good News for Bad People"

The villains managed to defeat one of the Sentinels, which allowed the heroes trapped inside to break free. Doctor Doom and the Scarlet Witch attempted to cast the inversion spell again, and the Red Skull was knocked unconscious and reverted from his Red Onslaught form. The other Sentinel was defeated afterwards, freeing the heroes inside, but not before the villains had left the scene. Before the Skull could wake up to reveal whether Charles Xavier was now in control or not, as the X-Men wanted, the Avengers decided to be cautious and take the Red Skull to Stark Tower. This caused Havok to resign from the Unity Division and side with the now-unified two teams of X-Men and his brother, with whom he reconciled.

Solicit Synopsis


• With the heroes lost, the world’s fate lies in the hands of the vilest syndicate known to man.

• Scarlet Witch is forced to join Dr. Doom, the man who unleashed her power to cause M-Day, or she will watch those she loves most die.

• The return of one of the Marvel Universe’s great villains!

• An Avenger quits, a heart is broken, and the world as we know it is gone.

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