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Quote1.png The X-Men have amassed an army. Apocalypse has risen. Their fury at a fervor. War will soon be upon us. Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "Inversion: Chapter 1 - Altered Beast"

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Synopsis for "Inversion: Chapter 1 - Altered Beast"

S.H.I.E.L.D. has gathered Captain America to discuss what was going to be of the Red Skull, now that the Stark Sentinels had been dismantled and the concentration camps torn down. Nick Fury Jr. tried to convince Sam to hand him over, but under the influence of the inversion spell, Wilson was violent and punched him before leaving. Meanwhile in Brooklyn, a family held hostage was saved from the Squid by the now-heroic Carnage. Spider-Man arrived to the scene shortly after Cletus had left, and to his surprise, found the family unharmed, as well as the villain. In San Francisco, Iron Man arrived to the Giants Stadium where he presented his new digital version of the Extremis, free for every citizen of the city to achieve perfection. Matt Murdock was among the crowd, and noticed something was off with Tony, who also started drinking once more. At the Jean Grey School, the X-Men are revealing the unification of mutants as they also revealed their new agenda of no longer wanting co-existence between humans and mutants, but to stand above them, with the help of Evan Sabahnur, who had become Apocalypse due to the inversion. Back to the Avengers Tower, Captain America informed the team about the current whereabouts of the X-Men when they decided they should kill the Red Skull, and any opportunity of Charles Xavier still being alive inside him with him, in response to the mutant's claims. Both the Hulk and Jarvis tried to stop them, but were ignored and attacked. This caused a new persona to surface in Hulk called Kluh, who proceeded to attack the Avengers before fleeing the Tower stating his desire to cause destruction. After deciding that Kluh was not their problem as long as he didn't stand in their way, the Avengers opened the Red Skull's cell only to find that it was empty.

Solicit Synopsis


• The fate of the Red Skull decided.

• A founding Avenger quits.

• The birth of KLUH, the strongest one there is.

• Doom tears down Latveria.

• The X-Men join their greatest foe.

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