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The Avengers, nicknamed the Earths' Mightiest Heroes, are a world-renowned superhero team, currently consisting of the members Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Wasp. It's unknown how and when the Avengers first formed in this reality, but they have clearly been active for some time already at the time of their first apperance. At some point in the past, Henry Pym, alias Giant-Man, was forced to quit the team after an incident in which he grew too big in order to stop a gas tank from hitting a building, and in the process damaged his cells to the point that using his powers made him feel immense pain.

All members of the Avengers were present when Iron Man demonstrated his and Dr. Akatsuki's latest invention, the DISKs, at the supervillain prison the Raft. The presentation is crashed however by Loki and the Celebrity Five, who released many of the captured supervillains to wreak havoc. The Avengers attempted to restore order, but were forced to stand down when King Cobra took Virginia Potts hostage. Loki used this opportunity to trap all Avengers in DISKs, starting with Hulk and ending with Iron Man. Due to a series of circumstances, five kids who were also attending the presentation, Akikra Akatsuki, Hikaru Akatsuki, Jessica Shannon, Edward Grant, and Chris Taylor, each received a incomplete biocode that allowed them to temporarily release the Avengers from their DISKs. Akira was the first to use this and released Iron Man.

When Akira attacked Loki, their Biocode wristbrands made contact, it caused a Dimensional Oscillation which scattered the DISKs across a pocket dimension and then across the world. Fortunately, Spider-Man was able to secure the DISKs of the Avengers and began to seek out the 5 kids with the biocodes. Hikaru and Chris were next to accept an Avenger as their partner. Jessica and Ed were abducted by the Celebrity Five however, and taken to the latters' ship. The Celebrity Five also stole Hulk's DISK and briefly turned him against his fellow Avengers with the help of Diablo, but his control over Hulk was broken when Spider-Man destroyed Diablo's bottle with potion. Iron Man, Captain Amercia and Thor, along with their new partners, then travelled to the ship, where Jessica and Ed were made partners of Wasp and Hulk, thus restoring the team to full strength.

With their new partners, The Avengers began looking for the other DISKs. When Loki, as Senator Robert, managed to get the Superhero Registration Act passed, the Avengers were forced to leave their base in New York and relocated to Japan. From there, they continued to hunt down the DISKs and fight Loki. At one point, the DISKs of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Wasp were stolen by Noriko Ashida and delivered to Loki, but thankfully Jessica and the other kids, helped by the X-Men, managed to get the DISKs back, after which the Avengers defeated Loki and send him to the Dark Dimension. Unfortunately, Dr. Akatsuki was also sucked into this dimension.

Soon after, a new threat presented itself: Red Skull and his organization, Hydra. When he gave his villain team, the Masters of Evil, a powerup with the Dimension Sphere, Tony Stark invented the Build Up Armor for all Avengers to even the odds. In order to stop Red Skull's plan to destroy the world, the Avengers had to split up to take out his 5 bases of operation. With the new armors, all Avengers succeeded in their missions and the Masters of Evil where once more D-secured. As a back-up plan, Red Skull used a shard of the Dimension Sphere to make Hikaru his servant so he could force Thor to fight the other Avengers. This plan too was thwarted, mainly due to Hawkeye (who had infiltrated Red Skull's lair disguised as Crossbones). Red Skull then unleashed his ultimate weapon, a giant robot, which the Avengers managed to defeat with the help of other heroes whose DISKs the kids had obtained by now. Red Skull himself was then D-secured.

With Red Skull defeated and the Dimension Sphere now in their hands, Tony Stark planned to use the sphere's powers to open a gate to the Dark Dimension and save Dr. Akatsuki. For this purpose he contacted the Avengers' former member Dr. Pym to help him. Pym was still embittered towards the Avengers, but agreed to help. Helped by Pym and Pym's robot assistant Ultron, Iron Man build a device called the Dimension Gate. When Iron Man asked Pym to speed up the testing, Pym gave Ultron an upgrade to make him more humanlike and give him the ability to learn. This turned out to be a great mistake however, since Ultron now realized his superiority and decided that he should rule mankind. After first turning the Avengers' own base against them, but eventually being defeated there, Ultron uploaded his mind to the computernetwork and hacked into the S.H.I.E.L.D. computers to gain access to a military satellite weapon called Blue Javelin. Iron Man destroyed the satellite before Ultron could use it, but when the World Security Council heard about Pym being Ultron's creator, they gave an order for his arrest. In his panic, Pym fled from the Helicarrier towards a lake house that the Avengers frequently used to retreat to back when he was still a member. The Avengers tracked him down to this lake house, where they managed to convince Pym to stand down since they wouldn't let him be arrested. When Ultron started his ultimate plan, to subdue humanity to his rule with the help of his army of gigantic Omega Ultron bodies, Pym was asked to create a computer virus that could take out all Omega Ultron's at once while the Avengers tried to keep Ultron busy. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and finally Hulk all fought Omega Ultron, but where unable to defeat him. Fortunately, Pym finished the virus in time and Omega Ultron was defeated.

After all this, Loki suddenly came back. From the Dark Dimension, he contacted the Celebrity Five and had them steal the Treasures of Darkness. Around the same time, Iron Man and Dr. Pym finished the gate, but when Dr. Akatsuki came back from the Dark Dimension, he had been turned into the villain Ronin and joined the Celebrity Five. After Iron Man was infected by the energy from the Dimension Sphere, he discovered that Loki was now working for Dormammu, who planned to use the Treasures of Darkness to open an even larger gate to Earth. With help of Dr. Strange, the Avengers were able to save Tony and discover the location of this Dark Gate device. With great effort, they were able to rescue Dr. Akatsuki, restoring him to normal, and destroy the Dark Gate device.[1] However, this did not stop Dormammu, who had already unleasehd enough dark energy onto Earth to reopen te gate himself.

Now free from Dormammu's influence, Akatsuki build a new Biocode Installer and gave Nick Fury a complete biocode. Fury used this new power to permanently release all captured heroes from their DISks.[2] This allowed the Avengers to begin a counterattack against Dormammu, but also meant they had to say goodbye to their partners. Things briefly turned bleak again when Dormammu demanded the Avengers' souls as a sacrifice for the Earth to be spared, and the World Security Council was willing to comply with this request. Due to interference from the Avengers' partners and Nick Fury, this plan was thwarted.[2]

Along with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Professor Akatsuki, The Avengers constructed 10 giant laser cannons powered by the Kree Mact, with which they intended to destroy both Dormammu himself and the gate to the Dark Dimension. When Dormammu learned about this plan, he and Loki attacked the Helicarrier with a squadron of Mindless Ones. The Avengers at first did not participate in the fight to defend the Helicarrier, since they had to save their strength for Dormammu. Instead, the secondary heroes fought to defend the Helicarrier. However, after their team of secondary heroes was crippled, the Avengers had to join the battle anyway. When the attack was repelled, the cannons were succesfully deployed to destroy the gate to the Dark Dimension and severely weaken Dormammu.[3]

However, Loki seized this opportunity to D-secure Dormammu and steal his powers for himself. The Avengers tried to fight him off, but even with their Build Up Armors they were unable to beat him and were forced to retreat, leaving only Iron Man to continue the fight.[4] Iron Man was able to get Loki away from the Helicarrier and the other Avengers, and continued the fight on Techno Isle. Backed up by his archenemies Silver Samurai and The Mandarin, and powered by the Kree Mact, Iron Man was able to defeat Loki. The Avengers confronted the now powerless god and D-secured both him and his last army of Mindless Ones.[4]

With Loki defeated, the Avengers and their partners parted ways again, untill 3 months later Iron Man came to get Akria since the Avengers needed their help with a new emergency.[4]



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