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Black Knight, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Giant-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Quasar, Sandman, She-Hulk, Tigra, Vision, Wasp, Wonder Man
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After working together to defeat Loki, a group of five founding heroes (Giant-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp) banded together to battle evil no one hero could defeat.

Quote1 We're The Avengers. We don't scare easily. And we've fought our share of world-beaters. And you'll prove no different, Roman! Did you hear that?! Quote2
-- Captain America


The Avengers were the primary super hero team of the Regency. When the Regent was rising to power, the Avengers gathered the city's heroes to stop him; however, even their combined powers couldn't defeat Regent.[1]

Hawkeye survived the battle and kept the Avengers alive in S.H.I.E.L.D.. When they acquired a Inhibitor Chip from Annie Parker and given a portal to Empire Unlimited HQ, thanks to Sandman, they finally saw an opportunity to defeat Regent once and for all.[2]

While S.H.I.E.L.D. tried and failed to neutralize the Regent, Annie decided to help her father, and she struck the villain with an Inhibitor Chip Trick Arrows obtained from Hawkeye; however, even with his powers neutralized, the Regent was still a threat. Spider-Man, Annie, and Mary Jane Watson-Parker teamed up to beat him up, but the Regent got hold of Annie. Spidey bluffed his way next to the Regent, and made a joke that caused the villain to laugh and be distracted for long enough so Peter could strike a finishing blow that knocked him out. The Avengers proceeded to take the Regent into custody using an improvised restraining unit created by the Prowler.[3]

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