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Avengers Mansion, New York City
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captain America
Information-silk.png Current Members
Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Storm, Hulk, Giant-Girl, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Vision Reserve Members: Ant-man, black panther
Information-silk.png Allies
Fantastic four, power pack, agents of atlas, x-men, Dr strange, Silver Surfer
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This version of the avengers is almost the same as the 616 version. The biggest changes are that the hulk never got mad at the avengers, storm is a member, and wasp is called giant-girl and has split up with ant-man(hank pym). The team battled ultron, kang, ego, enchantress, leader, masters of evil, juggernout, dr doom and others. They also teamed up with this universes agent of atlas.



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Transportation: Quinjet


Storm is an avenger in this universe and never was one in the 616 universe.

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