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Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow
(September 2, 2008)
(Only in flashback)
Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow
(September 2, 2008)
(Only in flashback)


Earth's Mightiest Heroes, who joined forces to combat evil no single hero could withstand. When peace was all over Earth after defeating all their foes, each hero could live a normal life, starting families. But when Ultron emerged, they managed to hide and protect their children, but were defeated and killed by Ultron (with the exception of Thor who had left the team prior to Ultron's attack to rule Asgard after his father's death).

The only two Avengers left alive were, Tony Stark aka: Iron Man and the Vision. Iron Man raised the Avengers' children up, who later would become the next generation of the Avengers, ultimately defeating Ultron with help from former Avenger, the Hulk.[1]


Equipment: Captain America's Shield, Iron Man's armors, Mjolnir, Pym Particles, Hawkeye's Bow & Trick Arrows, Black Widow's Gauntlets, Vibranium Weapon's
Transportation: Quinjet

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