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After Tony Stark patented and sold his Iron Man technology, non-tech superheroes quickly became obsolete as heroes and villains alike managed to get their hands on Iron Man tech. This started a new, worldwide arms race, but also lead to the creation of stronger and better Sentinels which almost wiped out the mutant race. Angered by this, Magneto declared war on humanity and attacked the United Nations. This prompted Spider-Man and dr. Strange to convince the remaining retired heroes of the world to come together again and once more form The Avengers.

As the Avengers, the team confronted first Magneto and his accolytes, and later Iron Man himself, who had come to personally deal with Magneto as well as to set right what he has caused. Iron Man manages to capture Magneto, but Thor manages to convince him no to kill the villain. He claims Stark can make up for what he has done by being a hero, to which Tony agrees and also joins the Avengers. After forcing the government to end the Sentinel program, A new age of heroes begins.

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