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The Avengers of Marville are made up of child versions of the Avengers. Their biggest rival is the X-Men. They are always competing against each other to see what group is the best. Competitons include selling food in food trucks[1] or engaging in a dodgeball game.[2]. Regardless, the two teams always end up fighting with one another.

Recently, the two teams started fighting over the attention of the new residents of Marville, the twins Zachary and Zoe. They invited the twins to their secret clubhouses to convince them to join their teams. However, more rivals appeared to coax the twins to join their teams: the Guardians of the Galaxy[3] and the Inhumans. In the end, though, the twins decided to join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.[4]



Spider-Man's Web-Shooters


Captain America's Shield, Iron Man's Iron Man Armor, War Machine's War Machine Armor, Thor's Mjolnir, Hawkeye's Bow and Suction Cup Arrows, Black Widow's Gauntlets


Falcon's Wings

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