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On Earth-9904, Jimmy Woo sought super-powered champions to help him defeat the menace of Yellow Claw. He gathered 3-D Man, Marvel Boy, Gorilla-Man, the Human Robot, and Venus into a group that was dubbed the Avengers.

When Yellow Claw kidnapped President Dwight Eisenhower, the Avengers went to his rescue, clashing with some of their old foes: the Great Video, Cold Warrior, Electro and Skull-Face. With the aid of Yellow Claw's betraying niece Suwan, the Avengers rescued the President and defeated Yellow Claw's forces, although Yellow Claw himself escaped. Following the success of their first mission, the Avengers were asked to disband by the President, who feared that the public would blame the Avengers for society's ills.[1]

The Avengers either would stay together or be reunited, the circumstances behind this remain unrevealed. Whatever the case may be, the Avengers were stationed to defend Richard Nixon during a Fourth of July appearance in California. Unknown to the Avengers, Nixon had been replaced by a Skrull seeking to sabotage America's space program. When the Wasp and Captain Marvel (two time-displaced Avengers from Earth-616) arrived on Earth-9904 to prevent a chronal anomaly from occurring, they were mistaken as Communists seeking to kidnap Nixon, leading to a clash with the Avengers of Earth-9904. The battle was cut short when Immortus revealed Nixon as a Skrull. Seeking to prevent the human race in this universe from developing space travel, Immortus then used the Forever Crystal to destroy this reality, and the Avengers of this world perished as a result.[2]


  • While the Earth-616 version of these heroes also united in the 1950s, they were called the G-Men and later operated in the modern era as the Agents of Atlas.

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