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During a fight against the Squadron Supreme, supervillain Iron Man had a glimpse of an alternate reality in which he worked together with other known criminals. Familiar memories of this other life motivated him to assemble Black Widow, Captain, Falcon, Hawkeye, Hulk and Thor to investigate this event. As the Avengers, they came to the conclusion the Squadron Supreme had used the Reality Gem to alter reality into their own image, making the Avengers criminals.

Squadron member Nighthawk pinned them down, in order to kill them, as they feared Stark's knowledge of the truth would affect their plans. Nighthawk planted a bomb in the Avenger's Aven-Jet, but Iron Man sacrificed himself to prevent the plane-turned-bomb from crashing into the city. The surviving members decided to carry on Iron Man's plan, and stop the Squadron.

The next day, the Avengers stormed the Squadron Tower. Thor and Hulk distracted Speed Demon and Zarda while the rest of the team snuck into the Tower. Even though the rest of the Squadron Supreme opposed the Avengers, Captain America managed to remove the Gem from Doctor Spectrum's hand, which caused the Gem to once again unleash a rift which was slowly altering reality back to normal, thus bringing back Iron Man.

After the device the Squadron planned to use to better seize the Gem's power finished preparation, Spectrum started using the Gem to erase the Avengers from reality. However, Iron Man blasted him off, and allowing the Captain to get hold of the Gem. Using the device and the Gem, reality was restored, and the Avengers were turned back to their true selves.[1]

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