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In Earth-TRN564, the Avengers' roster included Doctor Pym, the android Human Torch, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wonder Man and maybe others.

Iron Man, who was also an employee of Stark International, was called to a Stark warehouse to help with the repairs after the place was raided at night by a Pacifier Robot sent by Victor von Doom to steal a memory matrix for Doom's new robot Doomsman III. Iron Man, secretly genius engineer Anthony Stark, also helped with the investigation, but he then left due to some unspecified pressing activity with the Avengers.

Relatively soon afterward, the villain Andro, Lord of Androids, took control of several robotic heroes including the Human Torch and the Vision, using them in a plot against Doctor Doom and keeping them in a secret lair. Several of the remaining Avengers started looking for their missing partners, finding them in Andro's lair.


The Avengers roster as described in Deeds of Doom seems to be quite similar to the one of the Avengers West Coast at the time of the publication (1992); but Deeds describes the team only as "Avengers" several times.

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