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This is the version of the Avengers from 2012 that attempted to take Loki and the Tesseract into custody but the Avengers traveling from 2023 interfered. Tony Stark of 2023 directed Ant-Man to put the 2012 Tony Stark into a minor cardiac arrest, in an attempt to steal the Tesseract. However, Loki got a hold of the Tesseract and escaped the Avengers' custody.[1]

Meanwhile, Steve Rogers met his 2023 counterpart and began fighting him, believing him to be Loki in disguise. The older, more experienced Steve won after telling his past self that Bucky was still alive.[1]



Black Widow's Gauntlets, Iron Man Armor MK VII, Captain America's Shield, Hawkeye's Bow, Mjolnir


S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

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