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Quote1.png People... people believe in the Avengers. Not just because of your cool powers, but... but because no matter how bad things get, no matter how much you disagree, you always come together. Don't you get it? Your differences are your greatest superpower. Quote2.png
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The Avengers are a team of super heroes formed during the Asgardian God of Mischief Loki schemes. From that day forward The Avengers were formed to fight the battles no single hero could withstand alone. Consisting of genius inventor and billionaire Tony Stark the armored Iron Man, the former traitorous spy turned hero Natasha Romanoff AKA the Black Widow, The God of Thunder Thor Odinson, the gamma infected scientists Bruce Banner who when angry transforms into the super strong creature know as the Hulk, and the once frozen famed World War II super soldier Captain Steven Rogers better known as Captain America. Together and on their own they battled numerous villains and threats towards the planet. On A-Day The Avengers were unveiling their new mobile Helicarrier base: the Chimera. Suddenly Tony Masters led an attack on the Golden Gate Bridge (secretly under the orders of scientist Monica Rappacini the current girlfriend of Bruce Banner), attempting to distract the Avengers from the Chimera. While Thor, Black Widow, and Hulk fought off his mercenaries Captain America attempted to disable the Terrigen reactor as it was pulling the base to an ancient Kree Sentry beneath the bay. After fighting Romanoff, Taskmaster was defeated and taken into custody. However onboard the Chimera, Dr. George Tarleton and Captain America's efforts proved fruitless and in a desperate bid to prevent the Sentry from rising and killing millions Steve told Tarleton to get to safety and shut the doors behind him as he smashed the reactor, causing a massive shockwave that ruptured throughout the city and killing thousands of people and from the fallout and mist that gave people incredible and sometimes very dangerous powers. These individuals would go on to be labeled as Inhumans. In the aftermath of the A-Day disaster Captain America was declared dead and The Avengers which many felt bore a majority of the responsibility for what happened. However in the end it was Bruce Banner's testimony that the Avengers were indeed a danger to society. With this the team was disbanded and went their separate ways. Thor decided to walk the world as a mortal in order to make up for what he saw as his failure to save Steve Rogers, Tony Stark having lost his fortune to Monica , Tarelton and A.I.M retreated to his old home and manor, Bruce as the Hulk went into solitude near the wreck of the Chimera, and Natasha suspicious of A.I.M.'s intentions went undercover in the organization.

Five years later a young Inhuman named Kamala Khan uncovered evidence from A.I.M and went on a quest to reassemble the team. superheroes had now been outlawed while A.I.M., led by George Tarleton, took the Avengers' place in society as the worlds protectors. In doing so however they establishd a virtual police state in the country, promising to find a cure for what was dubbed the "Inhuman Disease". At her home in Jersey City, Kamala Khan discovers damaged video footage apparently revealing Tarleton locking Captain America in the reactor room before it exploded not knowing the context Kamala assumed it was George who was responsible for the events of A-Day was then suddenly contacted by "Tiny Dancer", a member of a Resistance movement against A.I.M., who warned her that A.I.M. has tracked her down. Khan attempted to meet Tiny Dancer at Heroes Park, but was captured and subdued by Monica and brought to Tarleton, who was mutated following his exposure to the Terrigen Mist. Tarleton and Rappaccini tried to convince her that A.I.M. wanted to help her understand and control her Inhuman abilities, but Kamala escaped and made her way to Utah to find the Resistance. Kamala's search bring her to the Chimera's hidden wreckage, in which she came upon Hulk, after picking up Captain America’s shield. Suddenly the base was then attacked by A.IM bots and troops forcing the two to work together to fight them off with Kamala learning she could increase her size and strength however this resulted in her passing out. Later she awoke to Bruce who had taken a sample of her blood to study. Kamala proceeded to show Banner the footage and eventually convinced him to assist her in proving the Avengers' innocence despite his reluctance. Traveling to a former S.H.I.E.L.D. compound to retrieve J.A.R.V.I.S. hard drive, the two were confronted by A.I.M. and one of their operatives, the Abomination. Hulk however managed to defeat him before he and Kamala return to the Chimera to reactivate J.A.R.V.I.S. and set out to reunite the Avengers, starting with Tony Stark himself.

While they found Stark at his family estate, he Tony was still embittered towards Bruce for aiding in the disbandment of the Avengers and was reluctant to help. However upon learning of Kamala's evidence and helping fight off another attack by Tarelton and A.I.M, Stark agreed to join them and worked to help restore the Chimera arguing that A.I.M. would simply attack the base again eventually. Tony proceeded to raid an Ai.I?M base in order to retrieve betters parts for him to build a new suit. Amidst their search for parts to help him, Kamala and Banner stumble upon the Ant Hill, an Inhuman sanctuary and the Resistance's headquarters run by Dr. Hank Pym. While assisting them, Kamala disobeyed orders after hearing about a young in humans mom being imprionsed and attempted to raid the A.I.M. prison on her own to rescue the Inhumans there, but was captured when her size shifting powers resulted in her losing consciousness again. While in custody, Kamala learned Rappaccini's efforts to make an Inhuman cure were actually unsuccessful, leading Tarleton to prioritize the manufacturing of Adaptoids. Romanoff deciding to break cover infiltrated the facility, defeated and captured Rappaccini, and freed Kamala, revealing she was “Tiny Dancer” in the process. Banner attempted to interrogate Rappaccini about the Adaptoid lab's whereabouts, but she resisted and taunted Bruce about The Avengers responsibility for the mayhem on A-Day before A.I.M. forces attacked the Chimera to retrieve her. Witnessing the attack, Thor intervened and assisted the other in preventing the Chimera from crashing into New York City and potentially killing thousands. Thor proceeded to rejoin the Avengers. However, J.A.R.V.I.S. having finally restored the footage, which showd Captain America ordering Tarleton to seal him inside so he can destroy the reactor, apparently causing the explosion. Believing A-Day really was their fault, the Avengers began to fragment once again with Bruce and Tony’s argument coming into blows once Tony angered Bruce enough by calling Banner out in his seemingly cowardliness.

Desperate and alone now Kamala reviewed the interrogation and realized from Monica’s choice of words of “scouring the Earth” that A.I.M.'s Adaptoid lab is on their satellite and relayed this information to the Avengers, rallying them with a heartfelt speech. Stark upgraded his suit to achieve space travel after helping Pym and the Resistance and infiltrated the satellite, where he discovered not only that Captain America had survived but also that Rappaccini had put Rogers in suspended animation so she could harvest his blood and use it to power the Adaptoids and covertly accelerate Tarleton's mutation.Tony and Steve proceeded to escape the station but became stranded when their pod ran out of fuel. Accepting their fate Cap reveals to Tony his reason for destroying the reactor. Fortunately Thor arrived and assisted his teammates return to earth safely. Finally Reassembled again the Avengers deduced Rappaccini hired Taskmaster to hijack the Chimera and steal the Terrigen Crystal, which unearthed the unknowst to them the Kyree Sentry. They soon learn that Tarleton, now calling himself "MODOK", planned to exterminate Inhumans and superheroes around the world. The Avengers stormed his San Francisco fortress, but MODOK activated the Kree Sentry buried beneath the bay and overpowered them nearly killing Hulk in the process. Determined to save her teammates and remembering Natashas words of encouragement Kamala grew to giant size and destroyed the Semtey sending MODOK falling into the bay. With the Avengers reunited and MODOK defeated, Kamala returned to her home and rejoined her father, who secretly allowed her to join the Avengers on her “special field trips. Now fully reunited but with A.I.M still a threat to the world The Avengers now working alongside S.H.I.E.L.D. and the resistance dedicated their efforts to riding the world of their immoral schemes.[1]

Sometime after their victory over M.O.D.O.K, the Avengers were called in by Maria Hill to investigate time disruptions occurring throughout the entire planet. Classified as Tachyon Storms by S.H.I.E.L.D. Maria asked the Avengers to investigate. Their investigation led the team to a A.I.M facility where they surprisingly came into contact with Kate Bishop: the protege of former Avenger Hawkeye. Working together Kate and the Avengers managed to shut down the facility. Back at Maria’s base Kate revealed that Clint had been captured shortly after the events of A-Day and that she and Clint had been investigating the Tachyon Storms. Through her investigation Kate discovered a A.I.M scientist at the center of the Tachyon Storms: a scientist named Lyle Gatz and that capturing him would get them answers about the project surrounding the storms. Launching an attack on the base where Gatz was stationed the Avengers managed to defeat Gatz and capture him, bringing him back to base for questioning. While a prisoner Gatz offered little information other then that Monica’s work on Tachyons was responsible for the severity of the storms. He also revealed that Monica was intrigued by her and Clint's skills. During the investigation Captain America apologized on behalf of the Avengers for not being there for her and Clint after the events of A-Day and offered her the chance to join the team officially which Kate accepted. Following Kates lead the group tracked the origin of the storms to an A.I.M site in Siberia where discovered Clint had made an unknown deal with Monica and had gone through some gateway through time. Determined to save him and stop the the time bridge before the effects caused fatal damage Kate and the Avengers gathered the needed materials to build their own gateway and travel back to the day before Clint went through and rescue him and destroy Monica’s machine. Unfortunately they were transplanted only a short while before Clint went through. Managing to stop Clint's prison convoy he revealed to Kate that he him getting captured was part of a larger plan: After he was captured he discovered Fury was a prisoner as well and the former revealed to him that Monica was building the time machine to stop an impending Apocalypse. Fury was sent to the future and requested Clint’s aid. Trusting her mentor and running low on time before the space time continuum collapsed Kate let Clint finish his mission but encouraged him to make it back in time before they destroyed the time bridge. Making their way to Monica’s bridge gateway the group was confronted by a new A.I.M invention: The Super adaptoid. A advanced adaptoid capabale of mimicking all the Avengers powers, skills and weapons. Despite this Kate and The Avengers triumphed and Clint made it through just in time as Kate destroyed the gateway but not before catching glimpse of a large Kyree Sentry. Later on board the Chimera, Barton explained that an alien race known as the Keene planned in invading the earth in the near future and that they needed to prepare. However before he could tell them more Barton fainted.[1]



Iron Man Armor, Captain America's Shield, Mjölnir,


Quinjet, Chimera, S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier


  • The roster of the game is almost identical to that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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