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Quote1.png Let me guess. The world's not exactly the way you remember it. I'm the Phoenix. My friends can help with that. Quote2.png


When Blade the Vampire Hunter of Earth-616 woke up on Earth-TRN852, and discovered that the Avengers never formed and were apparently replaced by the Squadron Supreme, he decided to form the Avengers to restore reality. His attempt to recruit Thor failed, but Blade was able to convince Captain America to join him after freeing him from the ice in which he was frozen.[1]

Blade and Captain America next recruited Phoenix of Earth-616, who was an inmate of Ravencroft Institute.[2] Later, Blade and Captain America recruited Black Panther,[3] and Echo recruited Thor.[4] With help from a Wakanda spaceship, the Star Brand Brandy Selby was found.[5] When the Squadron Supreme began investigating the Avengers and found them in the hidden nation of Wakanda, the Avengers confronted the Squadron.[6]

The Avengers fought the Squadron and managed to take them out with the exception of Nighthawk. Echo and Starbrand managed to destroy the source of the reality warp, President Coulson's Pandemonium Cube. This restored reality to normal, and Blade, Echo, and Starbrand were returned to Earth-616.[7] What became of the remaining Avengers is unrevealed.



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