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In this reality, Ares learned of Osborn's lies well before the Siege of Asgard and attacked him, prompting Norman to have Ares killed at the hands of the Sentry. Not having to expend the massive energy required to kill a god in the middle of battle allowed Sentry to fight in the Siege of Asgard at the peak of his powers. The Dark Avengers slaughtered all heroes and opponents on the field of battle, with the exception of a few, and won the battle. One of the survivors of the Siege, Emma Frost, made an alliance with Doctor Doom and Loki, in an effort to stop Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers, who were now in the process of seizing control of the USA. They devised a plan to expose all the lies that Norman had told the Sentry, starting with telling him that Norman had ordered the death of his wife Lindy, and that his teammate Bullseye had carried out the murder. This devastating fact led to Bob Reynolds relinquishing all control over his psyche, leaving the Void as the dominant personality. The Void began a rampage, murdering both the heroes who had tried to help him, and his Dark Avengers teammates, before engulfing the entire Earth and spreading beyond to the rest of the Universe.

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