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Synopsis for "The Last Full Measure"

As the battle rages on, the Red Skull attempts to use the Cosmic Cube to destroy the Avengers and Invaders. However, he is shocked to discover that the cube is becoming resistant to his commands. The golden age Vision informs him that it is the cube, and not the Red Skull, that has orchestrated this entire situation, as the cube is developing sentience. The cub then changes hands several times. When he comes into possession of it, Paul summons army of heroes, putting an end to the Red Skull's reign of terror and undoing the changes to the timestream.

In the modern day, the Avengers reflect upon their victory, and the fact that Steve Rogers is once again dead. In a distant cemetery, Thomas Raymond emerges from his grave, shocked to be alive -- the result of the single change that Bucky made to the timestream in the brief moment that he held the cubs. Despite the fact that the time-displaced Captain America warned him of what his future held, Bucky chooses to leave his own future intact, afraid that altering his own course could have unintended consequences for others.

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