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Synopsis for "Book Two: Battlefield Brooklyn!"

The story begins with Iron Man and Ms. Marvel talking about the return of the Invaders into today's New York City and the shock of Steve Rogers' return. Iron Man briefs the Mighty Avengers into their mission to take the Invaders into custody to send them back to their timeline and warns Ares to avoid any killing.

The Invaders witness the changes in the landscape of the City and discuss what to do only to engage into another battle now against the Mighty Avengers. The battle rages on until Iron Man manages to stall Captain America long enough to allow The Wasp to incapacitate him while the rest of the Invaders are defeated except Namor who dodges Ares' Ax and flees the battlefield, being caught in camera by Peter Parker.

Meanwhile, a man named Paul Anselm, an Ally soldier from WW II arrived with the Invaders into the same timeline and goes to visit his future self.

The Invaders are being held into captivity inside the Helicarrier where Iron Man tries to talk to Captain America, the Human Torch destroys a Life Model Decoy, Toro is being subject to analysis and Bucky attempts to escape with hidden plastic explosives

The story ends with the New Avengers (Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Ronin and Wolverine) discussing the events and planning to rescue the Invaders and defeat the Mighty Avengers in the process

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