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Quote1.png I'm a friend... And I need to speak to you about the Avengers. Quote2.png
Powell McTeague

Appearing in "Avengers 1959 (Part 1 of 5)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • N'Taka
  • Dominic Fortune's date

Races and Species:




  • Kraven's boat (Destruction)
  • Dominic Fortune's plane (Destruction)
  • terrorist group's plane
  • terrorist group's submarine

Synopsis for "Avengers 1959 (Part 1 of 5)"

Nick Fury takes the Avengers out to dinner at the Stork Club to celebrate a job well done before the team's members each go their separate ways. Soon after, however, many of the Avengers find themselves to be the targets of assassination attempts by operatives displaying a skull-shaped blazon.

Meanwhile, in Latveria, the Blonde Phantom is working undercover to discover a supposed secret Nazi plot. She is pretending to date a former Nazi general who was believed dead during the war, but is clearly alive and acting as a part of this plot. The general gets suspicious when he finds the Phantom snooping in his bedroom, but she quickly flirts her way out of trouble.

Geoffrey Sydenham is in Wakanda to develop a covert diplomatic relationship between the African nation and America, though it quickly becomes apparent that all is not as it seems.

After surviving an attempt on his life, Nick Fury arrives home to find Powell McTeague there wishing to speak with him.

Solicit Synopsis

EXPLODING FROM THE PAGES OF NEW AVENGERS... It’s the tail end of the fabulous fifties. NICK FURY and his AVENGERS roar into their secret mission, hunting down NAZI SUPER and women relentlessly preparing to unleash hell on a troubled world barely holding onto peace...only to find the Avengers have what appears to be serious competition in their manhunt for these escaped ubermenschen...when their mission is suddenly compromised by interference from an unlikely source.

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