Like I said -- it was the Englishman.
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Powell McTeague
Welsh on dad's side, and Litvak on mum's, to be precise. And now that that's all settled...what say we send these misguided monsters to a well-deserved hell and be done with it.
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  • K'Shanei




Synopsis for 1st story

Nick Fury finds the mysterious Powell McTeague in his home wishing to speak with him. McTeague reveals that he was sent by General Hill to give Fury unofficial orders to travel to Hassenstadt, Latveria in order to continue his secret war against surviving Nazi war criminals. In Hassenstadt, he meets his old friend Eric Koenig, now an American diplomat to Latveria, and introduces him to the Blonde Phantom.

The Phantom reveals that she was dating Dieter Skul as a means to find out more information about a possible large-scale Nazi plot before she was discovered eavesdropping. The Wakandan Ambassador to Latveria also reveals that their prince T'Chaka was kidnapped and he believes to be the work of the same people that Fury is chasing.

In Washington D.C., General Hill and his men investigate a possible Nazi safe-house. The occupants appeared to have been tipped off, however, as the house is booby-trapped, killing Hill's men. Geoffrey Sydenham is unnoticed as he slinks away from the crime scene.

Fury and the Blonde Phantom go to check out a hideout that was mentioned in Skul's files, finding the Hollow Men, mindless Nazi zombies, inside. Fury manages to blow up the building before he and the Phantom disappear into the shadows.

The rest of the Avengers find themselves teleported aboard a ship in the South China Sea by Powell McTeague. The ship is captained by Nazi war criminals Baron Blood and Brain Drain who the Avengers immediately attack.

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