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Geoffrey Sydenham
While I languished in prison on that trumped up charge of espionage and sedition...I was visited by a mysterious stranger...a stranger who explained that the path to victory lay not in the annihilation of one's enemy...but in recruiting that enemy in your greater struggle. He taught me, too, how to harness the dark gifts...that infernal craft that lies just beyond the grasp of men...except, of course, for those men who see the darkness for what it truly represents.
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No Image Male.jpgSenator Sanford
Who was this stranger?
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Geoffrey Sydenham
No one you've ever heard of...a fellow called himself Dormammu.
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Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Latverian soldiers
  • K'Tela



  • Latverian jets
  • Howard Stark's hydrofoil
  • Ubermadchen's boat
  • Avengers' captured boat

Synopsis for 1st story

After the Avengers defeat Baron Blood and Brain Drain aboard their vessel, the Nazis are transported away by Geoffrey Sydenham who wishes to recruit them into his own personal army.

In Washington D.C., Sydenham and Senator Sanford attempt to sway General Hill to their way of thinking, but the General storms out of the room, calling Sydenham insane after he insinuates that America and the Nazis should have been allies during World War II.

Nick Fury and the Blonde Phantom steal a Latverian fighter plane in order to leave the country without being seen on a commercial flight. Travelling to Wakanda, the pair are given information that should lead them to General Skul, borrowing Howard Stark's hydrofoil to get there as quickly as possible. During their journey, however, they come under attack by the Ubermadchen, but are quickly saved by the rest of the Avengers who happen by just in time thanks to Powell McTeague's magic.

Solicit Synopsis

The Avengers fight their way across the South China Sea, while Nick Fury hijacks a jet fighter to rendezvous with the team in Madripoor --where their occult adversaries have a hellish gauntlet awaiting them in the garden district of the capital.

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