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Quote1.png Been Ages, Dieter darling... But once your old pal Innsbruck started talking, I knew we were due for a reunion. Quote2.png
-- Blonde Phantom

Appearing in "Part Four"

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Synopsis for "Part Four"

The Avengers interrogate the Ubermadchen before allowing Sabretooth to kill them. The team then travels to Madripoor where they discover a mansion headquarters belonging to their enemies. The Avengers raid the mansion, capturing the strategist known as Innsbruck the Planner. From him the team learns of General Skul's attack on the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda. Utilizing Powell McTeague's teleportation abilities, the group are able to get to Wakanda just in time to battle Skul's men.

Sydenham and Sanford again try to recruit General Hill to their cause, but are rejected outright by the General. That night an assassin is teleported to the General's bedside as he lies asleep. A watching Gorilla-Man, however, saves the General's life. The two investigate the dead man's body only to discover that he has been dead for several days rather than minutes.

Solicit Synopsis

From the beaches, shanty towns, and mean streets of Madripoor, to the elegant boulevards of Wakanda, Fury and the Avengers fight their way through a treacherous gauntlet to learn the truth behind ICON...and its hidden agenda.

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