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Quote1.png None of you need to hear anything from me but thanks... Thanks for a job well done, from your country, from the world, and from me. Quote2.png
Nick Fury

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Synopsis for "Part Five"

The Avengers defeat ICON's forces who are attempting to attack Wakanda, before teleporting to Washington D.C. where they confront ICON's leader, Geoffrey Sydenham and the rest of his operatives. After taking down Brain Drain, Baron Blood, Geist, Spider Queen and the Hollow Men, they take Sydenham into custody.

The Avengers each go their separate ways shortly after defeating the terrorist organization with Nick Fury's thanks. Shortly after his, Fury and McTeague discover that Sydenham has been released in exchange for his cooperation in locating the missing Wakandan prince T'Chaka. Sydenham is later seen in Greenwich Village continuing his use of the dark arts.

Solicit Synopsis

• NICK FURY and his 1950s AVENGERS in a final confrontation with the AGENTS OF ICON!

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