Quote1.png I know the world has been grotesque to you. I know what it is like to have that grotesquerie permanently branded on to you. Like a stain you cannot erase. But you must seize this opportunity! Learn your gifts and teach the world a lesson. Show them who the real monster is. You want to make them pay for what they did, don't you? Doris...you must be the terror you wish to see in the world. Quote2.png
-- Doombot

Appearing in "Initiate: Chapter 7"

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Synopsis for "Initiate: Chapter 7"

The Avengers A.I. encounter an elderly widow named Doris who then turns to attorney Matt Murdock for help after her bank forecloses on her home. After being exposed to the Terrigen Mists, she is transformed into an octopus-like creature with masses of tentacles in place of arms. She attacked the Avengers A.I. before being persuaded to stop by Doombot. Doris then took off for parts unknown with Medusa.

Solicit Synopsis

• HERE COMES INHUMANITY…and ol’ Hornhead himself!

• Cleaning up New York in the wake of INFINITY, the A.I. find themselves at the mercy of…Grandma??!

• Daredevil + Ant-Man = a doctorate in Wisecracks and Hijinkery!

• Doombot finds his inner hero. Sort of.

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