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Quote1.png I wish you could stay off the front lines for years. Train slowly. Let things sink in. But I'm afraid we don't have that luxury. There will come times when every adult hero on the planet isn't enough. When the survival of the world -- of the universe requires every hand on deck. It's my job to get you ready for that moment. And clearly I haven't. You have no idea how hard this life can get. How high the price is for simple survival. And I wish you never had to find out. But because you have powers...because of whats' been done to you...because you're who you are -- you will. All I can do is try my best to give you the tools to survive it. And I've failed that. So we'll try harder. Combat drills before school, strategy sessions after. Weekend classes from now on. Once again...I'm sorry. Sorry that I didn't prepare you for today...and that I can't spare you tomorrow. Quote2.png

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It's Super Hero Prom and the Sinister Six in two big issues of the comic iFanboy named the “Best New Book of 2010”! First the Academy hosts a dance like none you've ever seen, guest starring the Young Allies, former members of the Initiative...and featuring smack downs and smooch downs! Then the trainees get a crash course in big-time villainy as they take on Spider-Man's greatest foes, the Sinister Six, in a story that will have major ramifications when FEAR ITSELF hits next month!

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