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Mettle. listen to me. They're murderers. They chose to slaughter defenseless people who just wanted to get to work or walk their dog. You had to kill a bad guy to save lives. The fact that it bothers you is what makes you different from them. You're a good person, Ken. And I know how hard this is...but I need to know you can do it again if you have to.
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I... I can.
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Thank you. ... Damn you, Hank, for asking me to do this. Damn me for doing it. And damn this world for not giving us a choice.
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FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN GIANT-MAN VS. XXXXXXXX ...the rematch! Now empowered by the evil at the heart of Marvel’s next huge event, XXXXXXXX is a walking engine of destruction...and when XXXX brings the pain to Hank Pym, all hell's going to break loose! Plus, the students of Avengers Academy get their first taste of war...and none of them will escape unscathed! FEAR ITSELF will rock this book in the months to come, so jump on here and find out why Newsarama’s Best Shots says “As 2011 dawns, I urge any hesitant readers to...pick up AVENGERS ACADEMY. You won’t regret the choice.”

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