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Appearing in "Scared Straight - Part 1: Boyfriend In a Coma"

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Synopsis for "Scared Straight - Part 1: Boyfriend In a Coma"

Hazmat has a flashback to when her powers manifested, causing pain and misery for everyone around her, including her boyfriend. Isolated from everyone else, she turns to Norman Osborn for help. But his brutal experiments only made it worse. In the present, during a training session, Hazmat notices Reptil finally kissing Finesse. While everyone else thinks it's amazing that finally happened, Hazmat gives only disgust. Mettle suggest that he could kiss her if she's feeling left out, even though he doesn't have lips anymore. Justice arrives to prevent the situation from escalating, before telling the students that they have two guest instructors coming over soon and they will be going to the Raft afterwards.

While Finesse is sparring with Iron Fist, Striker and Hazmat confide in the others that the trip to the Raft is obviously a "Scared Straight" strategy. By taking their students to a place loaded with villains, they hope that the students will be more obliged to stay on the noble path. As Iron Fist floors Finesse, he lectures the students that simply replicating moves isn't as good as knowing when and where to use them, before telling Finesse that she needs more spiritual enlightenment. Hazmat and Striker tries this as another subtle way that they'll be treated like villains. The latter then tells the former that Osborn is locked up in the Raft, which she wasn't aware of. While Reptil leaps at Iron Fist and gets defeated, Hazmat approaches Mettle to apologize to him.

A few days later, Tigra and Pym are discussing whether the students will be safe at the Raft. The latter then changes the subject ask how the students are doing with the guest instructors. Tigra states that Mettle and Reptil are trying to imitate Iron Fist, while Valkyrie is teaching the girls. Pym then asks if Valkyrie knows that she's only suppose to teach them combat. They look at each other, before Tigra finds Valkyrie in the midst of lecturing the girls to "fight" against the "oppressive" world they live in. She rebukes her for even trying to feed mead to teenagers. On the side, Hazmat confides in Veil that the trip to the Raft is the perfect opportunity to get to Osborn and force him to restore them to normal.

The Avengers Academy staff give the student a list of things not to do at the Raft, including not looking at any of the villains; Quicksilver adds that they had to muzzle Crossbones to keep him from using his own teeth as projectile weapons. Mettle goes up to Hazmat to tell her that he wants in on her plan. Meanwhile, Justice goes to check on Speedball, who is secretly making cuts on his arm with his Penance helmet.

When the Avengers arrive on the Raft, Luke Cage gives the students the rundown on the prison, which had been refurbished to prevent any escapes. He then goes into a lecture about how the Thunderbolts stand for redemption. He lets them talk to a few of them: Ghost tries feeding his anti-establishment dogma to the students and when he mentioned Iron Man's involvement with the Illuminati, Cage drags him away; the Juggernaut gives and anecdote about how ruff his early life was; Moonstone is brought out to use her expertise as a psychiatrist to give her opinion of whether the students will fight in with the Avengers. But when she initially made a misunderstanding of Pym's question, she voices that she may put the Masters of Evil back together and storm Avengers Mansion, resulting in Tigra restraining her.

Reptil asks the Juggernaut if he can say his trademark phrase, "Nothing can stop the Juggernaut", which he reluctantly agrees to. Just then, Hazmat uses an EMP to disable all electronics across the Raft, allowing her, Mettle and Veil to slip away in the dark. They get Crossbones to show them where Osborn is being held, simply because he wanted to hear him scream.

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Guest-starring Norman Osborn and the all-new, all-deadly Thunderbolts! You've heard of "Scared Straight"--when impressionable teens are brought inside a prison to get the harsh truth about criminal life from the inmates themselves. Well, the Academy kids are about to experience it super-villain style...courtesy of Juggernaut and the new Thunderbolts program! But it's another inmate that captures their attention...the man who imprisoned, experimented on and tortured them: Norman Osborn! When The Raft goes into lockdown, are they trapped inside with him, or is he trapped inside with them? Plus: the origin of Hazmat! And guest appearances by Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Valkyrie! Don't miss the next chapter in the most unpredictable Heroic Age title of all!


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