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Synopsis for "Protective Services - Part 2"

In the Student Lounge, Wiz Kid brings Hazmat, Ricochet and X-23 together, to discuss the fact that they are mutants being kept prisoner in Avengers Academy. Hazmat points out that she not a mutant. Wiz Kid reasons that she's Japanese, which she takes offense to. She says that her great-grandfather was placed in an internment camp in WWII and had to deal with poor living conditions compared to today. Ricochet retorts that even a comfortable cage is still a cage. All eyes then turn to X-23, thinking that she support caging her friends. In response, she walks away.

Meanwhile, Tigra informs Hercules, Dr. Kavita Rao and Madison Jeffries about Sebastian Shaw's escape. They fear that Shaw will go after the mutant students in retaliation for Emma Frost wiping his memory. Though the teachers are divided on whether or not to alert the students, Tigra advises against it, as it would cause chaos and some of the students may sympathize with Shaw.

Hazmat chases after X-23 and gets to talking with her, especially about Mettle and the recent actions of the future Reptil.

Meanwhile, Jeffries goes chasing Shaw in the storm drains but is defeated.

Elsewhere, Reptil tries telling Finesse about their future together, but she reminds him that he was in a future. X-23 then interrupts them, asking to speak with Finesse. They go to the library, where she asks about the recent Avengers vs. X-Men conflict. Finesse explains that the Phoenix Force is returning to Earth and the X-Men and Avengers are divided over whether it possessing Hope Summers will save mutantkind or destroy the world. She then guesses that X-23 is divided over her loyalties. As they go outside, they spot the X-Men and Avengers students ready to come to blows.

Hercules confronts Shaw in a subbasement, and attempts to use the invisible Helmet of Hades and Shield of Perseus, but Shaw disarms him of those. He then draws the Sword of Peleus, only to discover that Shaw can absorb magical energy, which he uses to pound Hercules.

Back outside, Wiz Kid, Ricochet and Hollow run up to support the X-Men. Crosta then takes his cue to dive into the ocean, declaring that this conflict doesn't concern Atlantis, only to by stopped by Juston Seyfert and his Sentinel. This only draws more hostility from the X-Men, as Reptil asks where's Tigra.

At that moment, Tigra confronts Shaw in a laboratory and attempts to choke him into unconsciousness. He manages to shake her off by slamming her hard against a wall.

The X-Men start attacking the Sentinel. X-23 intervenes and orders Juston to take his Sentinel away, an order which he complies. Hazmat asks why she would aid the X-Men who never accepted her. X-23 states that she's only looking out for everyone's right to self-determinate. At that moment, Shaw turns up.

Solicit Synopsis

• Both issues tie-in to AVENGERS VS. X-MEN!
• The Utopia and Gen Hope teens have come to the Academy…as prisoners?
• Sebastian Shaw strikes!
• Guest-starring Wolverine, Hawkeye, Hercules and Captain America!


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