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Quote1.png Yes, they are young. But they have risked their lives fighting Sentinels...Purfiers...any threat that arose. To give mutantkind a future. That future has arrived. To deny them the chance to participate in it -- simply because they are young -- it is wrong. And I will not allow it. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Protective Services - Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Protective Services - Part 3"

Sebastian Shaw says he has no quarrel with them and asks that they step aside. Hazmat then receives a warning from Kavita Rao that Shaw intends to murder the X-Men students, causing to her unleash a radioactive attack. Suddenly, Transonic attacks her, resulting in another brawl. However, X-23 says he's not here to kill them. Though the Stepford Cuckoos can't read his mind, Finesse can tell from looking at him that he wants to help the X-Men escape, causing everyone to stare in shock. Just then, the teachers and Juston's Sentinel turn up, warning against anyone leaving the Academy. However, X-23 speaks up, arguing that it's wrong to imprison someone, even kids, against their own will. Finesse decides to stand with her, even some of the teachers too. Tigra then reminds everyone that the Academy has security cameras, meaning they can't leave without a fight. Thus, they all agree to fake a fight. Once all the Avengers, excluding the dissidents, are "incapacitated", Shaw tells the X-Men that they are now free to choose their own path. Though he'd like to help Hope, his presence may cause trouble, so he asks that they pass on a message. Tigra then warns him that he must not waste his latest chance, otherwise she'll come after him. Shaw agrees and dives into the sea.

Though the X-Men decide to depart, X-23 chooses to stay, but she doesn't Dust a reason. She then turns to Finesse, guessing that she was guiding her to a decision. The X-Men then depart. However, Loa stays behind, saying that if the world's going to end, they should at least take what time they can.

Next day, the students start enjoying a day at the beach. Keeping watch up from the cliff, Tigra asks Hercules if they made the right choice. Hercules admits that he doesn't know, but at least the younger generation of heroes can enjoy peace where their elders cannot.

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• Have the Academy students switched sides in the war with the mutants?

• Guest-starring Sebastian Shaw!


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