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Synopsis for "Commencement"

X-23 confronts Finesse about the murder of Jeremy Briggs and her allowing X-23 to take the blame. X-23 tells her that she will not tell the staff, but she is no longer Finesse's friend. Finesse is left to train alone. In New York City, Veil helps Striker prepare for his date with a boy inspired by one of his videos. To Striker's relief, his date is undaunted by the facial scarring left behind by the events of Final Exam. Back in LA Giant Man and Tigra update Hazmat and Mettle on the status of the search for a way to duplicate Clean Slate. Giant man reveals that they are now immunize to it, but at least they know it can be done.

This pleases the young couple, who exit to Hazmat's room. Hazmat tells Mettle she is finally ready, and removes her containment suit. Finesse walks past their (glowing) window and watches as Lightspeed and Karolina Dean kiss joyfully in the sky. She accidentally intrudes upon a romantic moment between White Tiger and Reptil, and finally realizes how alienated she is from her friends. She joins Quicksilver who is watching TV, and sheds a silent tear. Quicksilver tells her "For some, these will be the best years of their life. Yours will only get better."

Meanwhile, Striker and his date share a kiss. Its interrupted by a call from his mother, who tells him to turn as he's blocking the camera. Striker short-circuits the phone and takes his date inside to dance. The next day the staff happily announce the Academy's promotion to Avengers: Third Grade. As Giant Man says, they'll gradually ascend to Second Grade, the First Grade.

However, the students instead respond by revealing they know the real reason they were chosen-that they were more likely to be super villains then heroes. However, the staff tells them that isn't what the Academy is anymore, and that they've justified their faith. They also reveal that the students are now in charge of a program based on Jeremy Briggs-to base superhumans with humanitarian crises. Giant Man tells Veil that she however has to resume her education in order to assist with the foundation. Veil finds herself right back in High School, wondering if it was all a waste.

However, following an attempt at bullying her Veil confidentially humbles the bullies with her new combat knowledge. As she walks off with the students cheering, she reflects that maybe she did learn something.

Solicit Synopsis

FINAL ISSUE! • End-of-an-era Series Finale! • In the aftermath of the grueling “Final Exam”, can friendships, romances – and the Academy itself – survive?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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