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Quote1.png ...I can't give up on the chance that someday I'll look in the mirror and recognize myself again. I used to cling to that last good day like it was a life preserver. But every day that passes, it's more like an anchor. And man, is it dragging me down. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Scared Straight - Part 2: Fix You"

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Other Characters:

  • Mettle's parents (Only in flashback)
  • Mettle's friends (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "Scared Straight - Part 2: Fix You"

Ken Mack is enjoying his day surfing. But when he gets back to shore after being hit by a fellow surfer, everyone else notices that his face is melting, revealing an iridium skull behind his face. He was taken to Norman Osborn, who accelerated the process, causing Mack to lose all of his hair and skin.

In the present, Mettle and Hazmat are looking forward to killing Osborn, much to the shock of Veil, who thought that they were going to force him to change them back to normal. Hazmat states that if Pym can't save them, no one can. The only thing worthwhile is making Osborn pay for what he has done. Grabbed at the neck by Mettle, Osborn tells them that he has molded them for greatness. He subtly manipulates them into thinking that perhaps Pym is withholding his attempts at a cure.

Meanwhile, in Thunderbolts Tower, Tigra and Pym has realized where their missing students have gone to. When the latter and Quicksilver arrive at Osborn's cell, where he claims that their students tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Mettle, Hazmat and Veil accidentally run into Powderkeg, who is in the middle of fighting the Academy staff. They are knocked away and them they come to, Mettle impulsively attacks the Juggernaut, before he realizes what he had done. Veil then alerts them to Man-Thing being present. Knowing that his teammate would burn them no matter what material they're made of, Juggernaut uses a loud clap to blow Veil away from the creature, before carting him off back to his habitat. Mettle and Veil then go looking for Hazmat, who is in the midst of wandering in a fight between The Raft guards and prisoners. Grizzly attempts to take her as a hostage, only to back off when she threatens to give him cancer. However, she is knocked out by another prisoner. Her friends soon find her and Mettle decides to face the villains alone, only for their teachers to intervene.

Once The Raft is brought under control, Luke Cage scolds the trio for attempting a shot at Osborn. Hazmat states that he does not know what that madman did to them. Cage retorts that Osborn put a bomb on his heart and went after his wife, but he isn't the type to tear off his cell door. Pym promises to discipline his students and to upgrade prison security. Mettle, Veil and Hazmat silently agree to keep the true cause of the blackout a secret, as Mettle contemplates what they've almost done.

Solicit Synopsis

"SCARED STRAIGHT"—the explosive crossover with THUNDERBOLTS—continues! There's a jailbreak at The Raft, the maximum security prison for super villains, and the students of Avengers Academy are caught in the middle! But whose side are they on? Will they help the Avengers put the criminals back behind bars...or has inmate Norman Osborn made them an offer they can't refuse? Also: the origin of Mettle!


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