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Synopsis for "Fame"

While going for a midnight snack Striker is spooked by Jocasta. He then tells her about his week. Captain America is in the combat room with the Avengers Academy when he accidentally knock out Hazmat. Back that night with Jocasta, Striker told her about his and being the son of people and having the camera always on him. He also tells her about Rick the manager who tricked his parents and treated him badly. After Rick trapped Striker in his car, but Striker first used his power and killed Rick. In the hospital his mother apologized to him for believing in Rick.

Back with the Avengers Academy he asked Finesse and Veil for a hook up. Later the team goes out, with Mettle and Hazmat shrunk onto Wasp's hand. Whirlwind then appears and attacks a guy. The team use their powers to defeat Whirlwind, but become public. Striker then seems happy about the whole thing and encourages it. Later Veil then sees Justice kissing Ultragirl and is heart broken. She then goes to Striker and has a talk with him and she kisses him. Striker back with Jocasta then gets a call from his mom to see if they were alright.


  • Mettle is revealed to be half Jewish.
  • Striker's real name is revealed to be Brandon Sharpe.


  • Some people think Mettle is the son of Red Skull

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