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Quote1.png I want to tell Dr. Pym. I want to tell him so badly. That we know the truth. That we aren't the most promising young superhumans in the country. We're the most screwed up. That Avengers Academy doesn't exist to make us into heroes but to keep us from becoming villains. I know why they kept it from us. I looked it up. If kids know something about themselves, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But we do know, and I'm afraid it's coming true. Quote2.png
-- Reptil

Appearing in "I Dreamed a Dream"

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Synopsis for "I Dreamed a Dream"

In a flashback, young Humberto Lopez (Reptil) identifies dinosaurs on flash cards with ease. His parents comment that he'll be a better paleontologists than they are. But Reptil eagerly says that he will be an Avenger.

In the present, Reptil has been elected class leader of Avengers Academy. But deep in his heart, Reptil has doubts about his position, especially amongst his classmates. He is suspicious of Finesse spending time with Quicksilver; Hazmat, who may have been involved in the Raft prison blackout. But he does not tell the Avengers about his concerns, fearing that it may mean the end of Avengers Academy.

Sometime later in Pym's lab, he and Reptil are discussing how the amulet embedded enables him to shapeshifts parts of his body into dinosaur parts. Pym applies Pym Particles to it to see how it reacts; it goes poorly, as Reptil experiences pain and learns that the amulet is very old. Though he wants the tests to continue, Pym denies him, stating that they should wait until Doctor Voodoo or Doctor Strange examine him. Pym also informs Reptil that in the terms of the law of conservation of mass, he might be able to turn himself into a velociraptor. He theorizes that his fear of losing control is prevent him from doing so. He advises Reptil to at least talk to someone about his troubles.

That night, when Finesse sneaks into Reptil's room to make out, he awkwardly asks if she's suppose to be his girlfriend, compelling her to leave.

The next day, Reptil decides to take the initiative as class leader; he does good media impressions with Striker; when he attempts to mediate Mettle and Hazmat's differences, saying that they make a good couple, they become disgusted. He also spies on Finesse and Quicksilver, learning that the latter is teaching her about his time in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Some time later, Mentallo has escaped from his transport truck and starts messing with the Avengers. When Reptil dives at him, Mentallo telepathically suggests that he fly head fight into the ground. However, Reptil's loss of focus causes him to turn into a velociraptor instead and bites Mentallo's arm, breaking his spell over the Avengers. When they return to the Infinite Avengers Mansion, Reptil presumes that they may expel him. To sort out his troubles, Tigra sets him up with Jessica Jones as therapist, seeing as she was psychically abused by the Purple Man and therefore can relate to him. Reptil opens up about his kidnapping by Norman Osborn and the subsequent torture. However, he doesn't come clean about troubles within the Academy.

Solicit Synopsis

Reptil goes Jurassic on Tigra! When Humberto is elected class leader of Avengers Academy, it should be a dream come true…but instead it's a nightmare! As he struggles with the weight of his repressed grief and anger, added to the responsibility he feels to keep his teammates on the heroic path, something's got to give...and it might just be Reptil's humanity! Plus: more on Quicksilver and Finesse, the villainy of Mentallo, and another Avengers guest appearance in the series that Comic Book Club Live hails as “All of the fun of ‘90s New Warriors with a dark side.”

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