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The Aero-car was one in a series of advanced long-range aircraft used by the Avengers prior to the development of the Quinjet, and until then enjoyed the lengthiest time as the team's primary source of transportation over previous vehicles. Like most craft used by the Avengers, the Aero-car was designed and constructed by Tony Stark's company, although a Wakandan aerospace group later provided highly modified Aero-cars.[2] The Aero-car was often the subject of modifications and improvements, resulting in almost continuous changes to its appearance, even sometimes lacking a canopy.[3] The Aero-car had VTOL features, and could double as a submersible.

The Aero-car was first seen when the Avengers answered a call from the police to investigate a bank robbery that had been committed by the Living Laser.[4] It was later shown that the Avengers had multiple Aero-cars when Hawkeye and Hercules took one to search for Black Widow in Asia, and the remaining Avengers followed after them in a second Aero-car.[5] These were just two of multiple uses of the Aero-car(s) by the Avengers, but there was an eventual major upgrade to the Avengers' vehicles, including the Aero-car, and soon afterwards it was phased out entirely in favor of the Quinjet.[6]

Afterwards, one of the Aero-cars was bequeathed to Angel, who in turn donated it to the X-Men's use for traveling long distances quickly.[7] Their first use of it was to get from New York City to San Francisco while investigating mysterious gatherings of mutants caused by Mesmero. Their next use of it was on a mission to Egypt when Cyclops' brother was kidnapped by the Living Pharaoh, and later to flee the scene when locals blamed the mutant heroes for the apparent destruction of an ancient Egyptian temple.[8] The Aero-car was apparently destroyed shortly thereafter, shot out of the sky by Larry Trask's Sentinels when the X-Men had tracked down their headquarters.[9]

Since then, a medium-range aircraft also called an Aero-car has been provided by the Wakandans, and has appeared on occasion, first as the Defenders' new vehicle during Black Panther's brief association with the team.[2] Much later, the same type of vehicle was used by the Wasp and She-Hulk to get to the Hydrobase to aid their fellow Avengers when a rogue Atlantean, Tyrak, attacked the artificial island.[10]


The Air-Cruiser was a high-speed, five-passenger aircraft, believed to be a remodeled Aero-car[3], briefly used by the Avengers prior to the introduction of the Quinjet. In its one significant appearance, it carried the Avengers during their pursuit of Ultron-5.[11] Like most Aero-cars, it had VTOL features but, unlike most Aero-cars at the time, its cockpit and seating area was enclosed with a canopy.


Another aircraft that was likely a modified Aero-car, the Aerocraft was used by the Avengers when the Wasp was apparently kidnapped by a mentally destabilized Yellowjacket.[12] It was very similar to the Air-Cruiser and displayed no significant accessories over past models.


  • The remains of the Aero-car may have been salvaged and used to construct the X-Men's X-Shuttle, an open-air VTOL aircraft of similar design.[13] The X-shuttle was scarcely seen, however, and just as with the Avengers and the Quinjet, was abandoned after the X-Men adopted the Blackbird as their primary vehicle.

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