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Appearing in "The Monstrous Master Plan of the Mandarin!"

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Synopsis for "The Monstrous Master Plan of the Mandarin!"

Living Laser attempts to escape prison, but Iron Man is about to stop him when he vanishes suddenly. Iron Man calls a meeting of all Avengers. Living Laser had been teleported by the Mandarin, as well as the Swordsman, Power Man, the Executioner and the Enchantress. They are told to attack places all over the world. The Avengers are informed about this by Nick Fury. Iron Man, Goliath and the Wasp deal with Power Man and the Swordsman, Hercules and the Scarlet Witch stop the Executioner and Enchantress, Thor and Hawkeye deal with Living Laser but Ultimo appears, and they also had to defeat him. Captain America and Quicksilver rush to defeat the Mandarin in his space station and are joined by the rest of the Avengers. The Mandarin uses a hate-ray on them and causes them to fight the person closest to them, so they fight each other, the Wasp, however, is closer to the Mandarin and the hate ray is turned off. The Mandarin tries to defeat them with another ray, but it blows a hole in the wall and sucks him out into space. The Avengers plant a bomb and destroy the base after leaving.

Appearing in "Preeeesenting the Unconquerable Hercules!"

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Synopsis for "Preeeesenting the Unconquerable Hercules!"

A one page Pin-Up

Appearing in "More Than Meets the Eye"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "More Than Meets the Eye"

A two page diagram of Avengers Mansion

Appearing in "Pulsatin' Panoramic Pulchtrudinous Pin-Up Dept."

Synopsis for "Pulsatin' Panoramic Pulchtrudinous Pin-Up Dept."

A one-page pin-up of the female Avengers: Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and the Wasp.

Appearing in "The Orginal Avengers and the New Avengers"

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for "The Orginal Avengers and the New Avengers"

A one-page pin-up



  • Avengers regular artist Don Heck took time off from the regular title to pen this issue. However, Marvel liked his replacement, John Buscema, so much that Buscema became the regular artist for the title. Buscema would pen 50+ Avengers issues over his career. Heck pencilled only a few more over the years.
  • On Page 10, Panel 6, Nick Fury is incorrectly shown with having Hercules' headband.
  • On Page 48, Panel 3, it looks like someone photocopied the Avengers from the cover of Avengers #25 and made some alterations.
  • Reprinted in Giant-Size Avengers #5.

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