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Quote1.png What's the matter, Wasp? The creep's shown his true colors! The battle-lines are drawn! Quote2.png
She Hulk

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Synopsis for "Moonrise"

The Avengers are called before the Security Council of the UN, where the Fantastic Four are on trial. Mr. Fantastic describes to the assembly the history of the Inhumans. As the FF never informed the UN of the Inhumans' existence before, the Avengers have been called in as a neutral party to go on a fact-finding mission to the moon and if possible, to procure a peace treaty of some kind. After a quick trip in the space Quinjet, they meet the Royal Family of Attilan and pay their respects at the crypt of Maximus the Mad. She-Hulk agrees to prepare a brief for the UN that will defend the Inhumans' right to inhabit the moon. A celebration follows, with dancing. Captain America later rouses the Avengers in the night: Earth is under attack by meteorites sent from the moon-based forces! Thor is quick to stop the meteors with his hammer. Black Bolt orders that the Avengers be executed. The Inhumans then battle the Avengers. She-Hulk accosts "fork face" Black Bolt and demands that he talk (forgetting that if he does, it'll kill them all). As he shouts "Unhand me, savage!" Black Bolt is revealed to be Maximus! Vision and Karnak open the crypt so the real Bolt can exchange minds with Maximus. It is confirmed that peace is still ever the goal of the Inhumans.

Solicit Synopsis

Something on the mon is threatening the planet Earth - and the U.S. government wants the Mighty Avengers to help. But when they get to the moon, they may not want to help! Guest-starring the incomparable Inhumans!

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