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Synopsis for "In Memory Yet Green!"

The labs at Northwind Observatory in the Catskill Mountains are full of Bruce Banner’s inventions. Reed is called in to determine their purposes. She-Hulk pilots him there in the Fantasticar, where the Avengers have gathered and Jen is introduced to an impressed Hank McCoy. Jen finds the scope of her cousin’s genius eerie. She tells Thor how little Jennifer Sue Walters used to spend her summers in Ohio with her older cousin Bruce. He bought her popsicles at Thompson’s grocery, fun times. Lost touch as they got older, Bruce breezed through college and was working on top secret projects while Jen was high school senior. She was in law school when he had his gamma bomb accident.

Years after, he saved her life with a transfusion. She’s gotten off on being the She-Hulk. She grows somber when she tells Thor she heard Bruce’s mind was lost to the Hulk again. Thor comforts her with the thought that he’s not really lost if she treasures the memories of youth. Suddenly they fight the Hulk & Wasp kills him. No, it’s a clone! Then they fight a mass of purple protoplasm that used to be the Hulk clone’s pants: this mass is under the control of Arnim Zola & he kidnaps Reed & Pym. They battle many Hulk clones with 80% Hulk strength. Jen wants to shove every one of these clones down Zola’s throat. If he hasn’t got a throat she’ll find something else to shove them down. Mjolnir saves Jen getting brained by a hurled jeep. Monica electrocutes the pants. Hulk clones trash Zola’s escape ship which crashes in Papacton reservoir. Jen expresses no sorrow that Zola is fish food. Worries that Bruce’s work could reach the hands of other twistos. Reed & Pym confide that they are going to sabotage anything that might reach those hands.

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