Quote1 I believe in the American dream. But THIS...this is some sort of NIGHTMARE! Quote2
-- Captain America

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Synopsis for "Betrayal!"

A baseball game between the East and West Coast Avengers is interrupted by the team of superhuman government agents called Freedom Force, who arrest the heroes and bring them to the Colorado federal penitentiary known as the Vault to stand trial for treason. The Avengers are helpless in specially prepared cells which negate their powers, until a repentant Spider-Woman invades the prison and enables them to escape. Regrouping, they resolve to learn the identity of the former teammate who has betrayed them.

Solicit Synopsis

Someone is betraying the Avengers to their deadliest enemy, Agent Gyrich of the U.S. government! Who would dare? What lies has the traitor spread— and why? This is one suspense-filled saga so shocking it's taken two annuals to tell the full tale!


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