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Quote1 My life has been a failure. I welcome its end! Quote2
Adam Warlock

Appearing in "The Final Threat"

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Synopsis for "The Final Threat"

Captain Marvel and Moondragon arrive at Avengers Mansion, closely followed by Adam Warlock, who reveals that Thanos has returned, gathered the energies of the six Soul Gems in a giant synthetic jewel, and plans to snuff out the stars themselves. The heroes rocket into space to stop Thanos' approaching armada. As they combat a horde of alien foes, Warlock finds his companion, Pip the Troll. The troll is alive, however, his mind has been destroyed by Thanos, and Warlock absorbs his spirit into his Soul Gem, just as he had earlier done with the dying Gamora.

Warlock and Captain Marvel then locate Thanos and the Captain is knocked unconscious as he smashes the villain's energy-projector. Warlock and Thanos clash, and the golden-skinned hero falls. Thor arrives to engage Thanos, while Iron Man destroys the villain's artificial soul gem. Foiled, the Titan vanishes. Nearby, an astonished Captain Marvel watches as a second Warlock appears from the past and absorbs the spirit of his dying present self. Warlock awakens to find himself reunited with his friends in a world of peace and happiness within the Soul Gem itself.


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