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Appearing in "Spectrums of Deceit"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mike
  • Unnamed construction workers
  • Wong
  • 🢐 Clea 🢒
  • God (Invoked)
  • Bob Farmer (Only in flashback)

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Spectrums of Deceit"

Yellowjacket reassembles Dr. Spectrum's Power Prism to serve as the Wasp's birthday gift, but the moment she touches it, she is possessed by the alien intelligence within the jewel. As the latest incarnation of Dr. Spectrum, Jan swiftly overcomes fellow Avengers Quicksilver, Wonder Man, and Iron Man, but Hank alerts their remaining teammates, and "Dr. Spectrum" is soon battling the full roster. The Vision defeats "Spectrum," but the Power Prism has grafted itself to Jan's nervous system and, to remove it, the Avengers must seek out the former Squadron Sinister members rendered amnesiac by Dr. Strange after their most recent defeat. While some encounter Hyperion and the Femizon called Thundra in a health spa, others battle the Whizzer at a pharmaceutical processing plant, and the Beast returns with evangelist Billy Roberts, the former Dr. Spectrum, only to have the preacher become the Power Prism's new host. When Thor joins the fight, however, the gem leaves Roberts and possesses the Thunder God. Thor defeats his teammates, but Iron Man tricks him into fighting without his hammer for sixty seconds, thus transforming back into Don Blake, whereupon the prism's influence vanishes.


  • As seen on page one, this is Story# C-841.
  • This issue is divided into four parts:
    • Part I: Spectrums of Doom
    • Part II: To Tame a Tortured Titan
    • Part III: The Speedster Sinister
    • Part IV: Where's There's a Will...


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