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Simon Williams

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Synopsis for 1st story

Mere seconds after Simon Williams and his Revengers devastate the New Avengers, Commander Steve Rogers receives a video feed of the attack. When he recognizes Williams, he quietly puts out an all-Avengers alert.

Arriving in a Quinjet, the gathered Avengers are shocked at the sight of their teammates brought low. As the injured heroes struggle to dig themselves out, they tell Rogers, Thor, and Iron Man that Simon Williams attacked them with every intention of beating them into the ground. Iron Man and Thor admit he'd made threats before but they had never believed he would go through with it. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones find Danielle unharmed in her nanny's arms, though Squirrel Girl needs assurance that she did the right thing by staying out of the fight. Then Jessica looks up to see Atlas wrecking Avengers Tower.

The Avengers, Secret Avengers, and those New Avengers who are able to fight rush to the scene, but they find the damage minimal and the building empty. Atlas' attack was merely a decoy to give Williams time to call a press conference. When the Avengers arrive, they find him holding forth on the steps of the New York Public Library, telling a large crowd that the Avengers have been operating in secret for too long and must be held to account. He threatens to make all their crimes public unless they disband. The Avengers order him to stand down, but he is defiant: "I don't acknowledge your authority over me! ... You'll kill me to cover up the truth! You'll let these people burn to protect our secrets."

Iron Man tries to talk Williams down, but when that fails he releases a sphere from a hidden compartment in his armor, trapping Williams' ionic form within. The rest of the Revengers are given the option to surrender; Atlas refuses, gambling that the Avengers won't dare to attack with so many civilians around. They are right: the Avengers teleported them to an empty Citi Field instead, where the combined forces of all three teams make short work of their opponents.

In custody, the Revengers share their grievances. Their reasons vary from vengeance (Goliath, Ethan Edwards) to wounded pride (Captain Ultra, Devil-Slayer, Atlas) to a simple conviction that Williams is in the right and the Avengers are in the wrong (Anti-Venom).

Beast, who has seemed the most hurt and mystified by Williams' behavior, goes to interview him while Rogers, Iron Man, and Thor watch by video feed. Williams insists that he is acting of his own free will and remains steadfast in his claim that the Avengers must disband before more people are hurt. He also adds something new: his realization that Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, created him; that he probably isn't even real. Appealing to their friendship, Williams tries to extract a promise from Beast to shut the Avengers down when he realizes that Williams is in the right, but a distressed Beast walks away.

Various news programs and talking heads are buzzing about the Avengers' lack of transparency and stonewalling tactics. Some openly speculate that the time for a self-appointed hero team is over and done.

In his bubble, Simon Williams smiles and vanishes into a white light.

Solicit Synopsis

• Simon Williams and his Revengers believe the Avengers’ time is up and they’ve taken the fight right to the Avengers’ front door. • From the creative team behind SECRET WAR.



Takes before Fear Itself #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #666

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