Quote1 No one's the villain of their own story. That's a thing I read once. The idea being, I suppose, that people are so utterly self-righteous--that we refuse responsibility for our evil doings. Am I the villain of this story? Is Arcade? Is it the grown-up super heroes who've failed so miserably at keeping us kids safe? Or the audience sitting at home--watching to see what horrible thing might happen next? Quote2
-- Apex

Appearing in "Game On, Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Game On, Part 5"

The Staff of One resurrects Nico Minoru where it used her massive blood loss as a sacrifice to grant her enough power. Nico uses this power to disarm Deathlocket, destroy the Darkhawk armor, and defeat Apex by trapping her underground. While also underground, Deathlocket comes across an underground facility where she finds rooms of food and medicine, an aquarium, and a mysterious room containing the bodies of Christopher Powell, Juston Seyfert, Kid Briton, Mettle, and Red Raven.

Solicit Synopsis


• Apex squares off in bloody battle’ll have to see it to believe it!

• What does Death Locket see on the very last page that will freak you out?

• Plus: Arcade makes popcorn to eat while watching the big fight! Oh, what a jerk!

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