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Quote1.png We make a pact. A pact that we won't let Arcade win. A promise that we won't talk about this hellhole or anything that happened here. Ever. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Boss Level, Part Five"

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Synopsis for "Boss Level, Part Five"

As Hazmat is close to, quite literally, exploding, Reptil swims her out to sea so that the explosion can't harm anyone. When the explosion actually happens, it causes everyone to stop fighting each other. Apex then unleashes Sand Monsters, Giant Wasps, and other hazards to attack them. As Deathlocket breaks free, Apex's Tim side was able to take control so that Deathlocket can fight back. Tim tells Deathlocket that the only way to defeat Katy is to shoot their body whilst he's in control. Deathlocket initially refuses, but she shoots Apex dead off-screen and shuts down Murderworld. Afterwards, the surviving teenagers are rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D., Wolverine, Henry Pym, and Captain Britain. Reptil is even fished out of the water by a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent. One week later, Arcade is shown in a bathrobe within one of his safehouses where he has uploaded the footage of the Murderworld fights on YouTube. While on a talk show, Dr. Cliff Vanloch talks in his interview about his opinion of the abductions of the teenage superheroes and states that the adult superheroes are mainly to blame for what befell some of the teenage superheroes.

Solicit Synopsis


Arcade's mad plan comes to pass! Who lives? Who dies?

Shock follows shock as the game reaches its last desperate seconds!

AVENGERS ARENA ends here...but it’s also the launch pad for what comes next!


  • The cover is intentionally almost exactly like the cover of Avengers Arena Vol 1 1, with the difference being that all the characters are crossed out.

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