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Quote1.png Hardly seems fair...I'm near invincible. A born leader of men. Trained for combat straight out of the crib...Hardly seems fair... Quote2.png
Kid Briton

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Synopsis for "Born Leader"

Further sparking enthusiasm, Arcade makes the weather conditions hazardous in Murderworld, but notes there are safe zones at the edge of each quadrant for the competitors to rest, as well as food and medicine in Quadrant 2. Nico saves Cammi from an avalanche by using a "snow globe" spell and Chase busts her free. As gratitude, she offers to teach them survival skills in exchange for some firepower. Cammi also notes the death toll is at four, with two officially dead and two missing. Meanwhile, there is discord in the Braddock Academy's ranks as Anachronism and Kid Briton get into an argument. An earthquake then separates Bloodstone and Anachronism from Apex, Nara, Kid Briton, and Death Locket. Hazmat and X-23 try to bring Reptil to the edge of quadrant 2 to get medical supplies for Reptil's burns. At that point, Reptil wakes up and Hazmat is overjoyed. When Hazmat and X-23 tell Reptil that Chase attacked him, Reptil clears Chase's reputation, saying that Death Locket was the one who attacked him. Meanwhile, Death Locket goes dormant as her cybernetics take over and she blasts Nara off a cliff and into the ocean. Kid Briton is enraged by this and tries to kill her until Apex orders him not to, revealing that she knew about his affair with Nara back at the Braddock Academy and that "we're here now and I'm done sharing".

Solicit Synopsis

The Braddock Academy vs...themselves?
• Plus: What is up with Chase and Darkhawk?


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